NGO Acitivities (NGO)
This project portrays the efforts of an NGO body to educate, feed the needy. It also has a donor section through which donors can payonline.
This project involves in maintaining / publishing the activities of a NGO . Through the admin control the entire services, the client can update / edit / delete their news, images, donors name, addresses, services, videos and account details of every event organised. There is secure payment gateway provided through which the donors can make donations online. There is a provision for the donor to view all the transactions made by them. A bulk mailing system too is developed for registered donors to receive subscription updates.
Maintenance of Ayurvedic Centre (Ayurveda and Rejunevation)
The project facilitates publishing of latest news, testimonials, new treatment packages of ayurvedic and homeopathy medicine.
This project basically involves in maintaining an high end ayurvedic and rejunevation centre. The client is given an admin control for maintaining their latest news, receive submitted testimonials which can be edited, published or un-publised according to suitability. Option for adding new images to Gallery, account settings in which they can edit their login and other company details. The option of editing and deleting is given for all sections in admin. SMS integration is provided to the client to send automated SMS alerts to their customers about their new packages and other business related transactions.
Managing import and sales of Machineries (Import and Export)
The project is involved in importing and selling of machineries. This project is provided with superadmin, subadmin, invoicing and public side.
The client is provided with superadmin where he can add, edit and delete the types of machines and manufacturers. In subadmin, the client will be able to add the types of machines, names of manufacturers, product details and also upload images of the products. There is an option for editing and deleting the same as per the requirement. SMS integration and invoicing S/w is also provided to this project. A customer can place an order through online in the website. Once the order is placed, the client and the customer is notified by an sms and email to his registered mobile number and email id. Admin can also change the login details by providing the old password and entering a new password. In public side, latest added produts will be displayed in the homepage. Description about the company will be displayed in the profile page. Products page will display the products and its details. In feedback page, the validation is done, such that, when a query is submitted by the visitor, all information will go to the admin's registered email id. Contact us page will display details of address, phone and mobile number, fax and email id.
Event Management Portfolio (Event Mangement)
The project facilitates an event management orgnisation to build an online portfolio of itself and operate its business online. This project is provided with admin where the client can update all the details related to events organized.
This project helps the client in managing events and customer co-ordination and billing. The client is provided with admin section where they can add their list of customers, events conducted to them and their related images can be uploaded to the customer's console, make the images/videos viewable to public on their website. Further, they can send sms to the client's customers about the schedules of the events in the client's organizer section. The client can create quotes for an event/program to is to be conducted and have it automatically sent to their customers as a PDF file and their customer can view the same in their logins too. Option for viewing invoices of the customers, marking invoices paid / unpaid / cancelled is also provided. A tax addition feature is also provided. Edit and Delete option is given in all sections where the client can edit or remove the details of a customer, as per their need. The customer too can edit their info.
Cable TV Association (Media)
This project was done for the Karnataka Cable TV Association. The salient feature of this project is to bring together the members of the association and to project the events and proceedings of the association.
This project is for managing the cable TV association's operations. The client is provided with admin section where they can update daily news about the TV channels which can also be edited and deleted. Images can be uploaded in the gallery section of events conducted by the cable tv operators. SMS integration is provided for sending sms alerts about the assocation payment reminder's to their members. Facility to download membership forms, member logins, admin logins and sub- admin logins too are provided for operations to be conducted among the association chair persons and its members.